Welcome to BrainFood

We are a group of passionate and progressive L&D Rockstars. We are building a community where like-minded and talented learning specialists can come together and inspire one another.

We believe that learning is a critical facet of every successful organisation and that there is boundless opportunity for the learning function to lead the future of organisational growth.

But it’s not all about saving the world – we also have a lot of fun and thrive through building one another up.

What’s on the BrainFood Menu?

We are a community first and foremost – a community of internal Learning and Development specialists. We rigorously protect our independence – whilst we engage with and welcome carefully selected providers to join our events we want you to feel safe to engage and  attend without the fear of a million people trying to sell their wares.

Each of our events is themed – with the topics defined by the members of the community – you drive what we talk about. Each themed event will take a core subject that we are passionate about and through a combination of guest speakers, provider showcases and roundtable discussions we will pick apart each theme so that you walk away with inspiring and usable information that can help you advance your own learning practice.

We want our events to be inspiring and fun – our  aim is to make the time  you spend with BrainFood massively valuable. To this end our commitment is to make sure you learn something new and have your soul nourished each time you join us.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Zilch! Nada! Our BrainFood open events are free to attend – we want you to feel confident to come along and acquire a taste for BrainFood.

Who is it for?

If you are an internal learning specialist then we would love to welcome you to join our community. We are non-hierarchical and non-political – if you love learning then we love you.

Size doesn’t matter right? We don’t mind what sector you operate in or how big or small your business is – we will have something for all tastes and to suit the wonderfully diverse world of learning and talent specialists. BrainFood provides an amazing opportunity to engage with, and learn from, great learning specialists across a range of sectors and industries.

Whether your passion is leadership, organisation or talent development – or you are the holder of a really funky job title – you are welcome! Our only pre-requisite is a passion for learning, both personally and organisationally and a desire to contribute to the community.

Book Your Space

BrainFood is all about coming together – and enjoying a community who thrive on curiosity and are looking for inspiration.

The core of BrainFood are our regular events that are where we bring the community together and lay on a short, highly impactful session where you can learn, share and grow together with people just like you

Each event will feature a guest speaker or a specific showcase of information or best practice directly related to that events ‘theme’

To find our more and book a place on our next event please click here.

Our Recipe

The founders of BrainFood (all learning legends) created a list of principles at the outset – so if you read this and think that sounds like me then come along and join us…

  • Pay it Forward – we look to give more than we take
  • Credible – we deliver on what we say and we only say we will if we can
  • Professional – we treat everyone, including ourselves with respect
  • Quality – we take pride in everything we do and we always look to go one better
  • Tuned in – created by the community for the community
  • Inclusivity – This is a place where you can BE who you are and feel truly connected to yourself and others
  • Mind, Body and Soul – Brainfood is a place to feel healthy in every way and we protect our community’s “health” passionately
  • Belonging – we want to create a space where people can feel at home
  • Smiles – everything we do is done with a smile on our face and is designed to make others smile too

The Brainfood Club

An exclusive club for inclusive thinking

For those who want more we have created the BrainFood Club – a great place to join with fellow members and deepen your own personal growth and hone the skills needed to make a real difference to learning in your business. In addition to our open events members will have access to:

  • Community platform for sharing and collaborating
  • Access to unique Learning Mastermind groups to really ramp up your learning prowess
  • Opportunity to be part of a peer to peer coaching and mentoring system
  • Special member only webinars and virtual events
  • Special member only discounts for our preferred suppliers
  • Opportunity to contribute to the BrainFood Community Podcasts, YouTube channels and Blog postings – become a learning influencer
  • Special Member Only guest talks and events

You can join the club either individually or as a corporate member

Personal membership is just £150 / year
Corporate membership is £500 / year (any member of the corporate team can access any / all of the BrainFood events)

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